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Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, and Grand-Père Art

History of photography

As Seen Through the Lens of My Grand-Père Art Worden

Born in 1910, my Grand-Père, Art Worden, moved to LA at the beginning of an era when stories came alive through newspapers when capturing moments in the eyes of a photographer or words of a reporter was revered and celebrated. Grand-Père Art was one of the original paparazzi.  This was a unique time in history when acclaimed actors and actresses would invite him into their homes to be photographed in their personal environment as a way to heighten their publicity. The pictures speak of the glamorous Jane Mansfield, the wit of WC Fields, the Keystone Cops follies, to the broad smile of JFK. Grand-Père Art loved to tell stories of how he rode on the Goodyear blimp to shoot pictures of the Rose Parade, or how he would climb to great heights to get the right shot or walk in the ocean to capture the laughter of my grandmother and her twin sisters.


Founder of Iris & Stout

Grand-Père Art Collection

The iconic Grand-Mère picture and curated compilation of Grand-Père Art's photography represents an element of my heritage I wish to share with you.  As time unfolds, Hollywood in the 1930s-1960s will come to life as seen through the lens of Grand-Père Art.