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history of the waffle iron

Most good stories begin and end with an iconic waffle iron. Our story begins somewhere in the middle.  

The concept of Iris & Stout began somewhere in the process of making waffles on my grandmother’s two-prong waffle iron.  Maybe it was the smell resonating memories of my family, the simplicity and strength of the machine itself, or the seasoned cast iron withstanding the test of time.  Perhaps it was the thought of my grandmother’s handwriting on her recipe cards.  It was probably a collective idea, at a moment when I was relishing the past, acknowledging the present, and searching for a way to continue the tradition for our children. So, after 22 years as a nurse, I thought it was time to write a new recipe.

In essence, Iris & Stout's philosophy is to create a connection to heritage through iconic and curated goods to be fully enjoyed and experienced, and finally passed down to our future generations.

And from the beginning and middle of our story, we invite you to join our community, welcoming you with a friendly smile, a spot of tea, and a place to continue your family story. We invite you to experience our recipe. We begin with donating one percent of your purchase to 1% for the Planet; one way for us to give back directly to environmental partners to create a healthier planet.

Now it's time to write your own recipe

Our story doesn’t end online.

Visit our new brick-and-mortar location:

631 NW Federal St. Suite 110 Bend, OR 97703

Come celebrate our Grand Opening on Saturday, June 1st. 2024!